Sanyu Trading Corporation
Specialised Company for

Import sales into Japanese market
of Insulation Material

Electrical Insulation Materials, Components for Motors, Generators and Transormers
Wire and Cable Materials, Polyester, Fluorine Resin, Cofee etc.

Introduction Company Outline
and Main Customers
Activitiy I
Rotating Machinery
Activity II
Activity III

Japan can survive by Export. It is mandatory to obtain high quality & low cost material and equipment from the world wide market.
Sanyu Trading Corporation has been supplying needed raw materials, components, and manufacturing facilities mainly to heavy duty electical machinery makers in Japan.

Particularity of Sanyu Trading Corporation is the fact that we have been frequently consulted by Electrical Machinery Makers to search Materials and Equipment which they need and to import from anywhere throughout the world.

In this way, so many numbers of manufacturers we have been able to succeed in introducing to Japanese Market.
Those we are representing companies are now over 60. This is the result of our 30 years activity.

Those we have been introducing are mainly from USA and Europe, but we have been also very successuful to find out High Cost-Perfomance Products from East Europe, Russia, India and other countries.

Mica Tape for VPI, made by PTP Technology

Polyester Film for Eelctrical Insulation

Laminated-Compressed Wood for Transformers and LNG Plant.

Probably the Finest Coffee in the world
in beautifull Elisabeth Tins.

Heat Shrink Tubes are appreciated by Japanese customers.

We are glad to introduce unique and excellent products into Japanese Market.

Sanyu Trading Corporation has direct sales accounts in
almost all the leading electrical machinery makers in Japan.