Sanyu Trading Corporation
Makers and Suppliers we are representing in Japan

III@For General Industy

III@General Industry
@A) Insulatio, Themal and Corrosion resistant material
Maker and Supplier

PTFE Seal Tape

PTFE Seal Taoe. Flexible Hose, Heat Shrink Tubes,
PTFE Lined Piping etc.
Plastic Omniumum - 3P
Polyethylen Film for vapor deposit Tervakoski(Finland)
Aluminium Tape for Air Condionner SABA@(France)
SCAPA (France)
Polyester Products
Printing, Package, Label Film

Steel Laminate Film

Window Film Sun Control
Garware (India)
III@General Industry
@B) Components and Equipment
Makers and Suppliers
Capacitor Winding Machine Hilton International (USA)
Measurement Testers, Tensile Testing Machine MAV(Germany)
Air motors for Industrial use R.D.R (France)
Multi Rotary Unions and Joints Duff Norton (USA)
Composing and Taping Machines and Devices DERFI (France)

@Makers and Suppliers we are representing in Japan@

IV@Others Maker and Supplier
Food and
Regular Coffee
Espressso Coffee
Espresso Machine
Julius Meinl (Austria)
Stationary Window Films
Garware Polyester Limited

A) Industrial Machinery
B) Materials for Industrial Use
A) ORISCUT Cutting Machine, Various Tools, Press etc.
B) Ceramic Anchor made by Meiden Ceramic, etc.
C) Mainly to Oversea Makers stated above, etc.