Sanyu Trading Corporation
Makers and Suppliers we are representing in Japan

   I :  For Rotating Machineries
(Heavy Duty Generators and Motors, and Small Motors)

I. Roating Machinery

A) Insulation Material
Makers and Suppliers

Mica Products
Laminated Plastics Plates
Phenole, Epoxy etc.
Polyester Film Garware (India)
Fluorine Resin Products
(Seal tape, Tubes, Shaped Products etc.)
Plastic Omnium - 3P
Insulation Sleeve and Chord Hilmo (Germany)
Composite Insulation Material and Tape
Nomex+PET etc.
Krempel (Germany)

I For Rotating Machinery B) Insuration Treatment Maker and Supplier
Casting Compound SEG(France)
Water soluble Core Varnish Rembrandtin Lack (Austria)
Resin Bakelite(Germany)
Insulation Caps SSB(India)

I Rotating Machinery
C) Wires and Cables
Maker and supplier

DGC Gebauer Griller(Austria)
Magnet Wire and Enamelled Wire Lacsim(Iran)
Insulation Sleeves Rhenatech (Germany)

I Rotating Machinery  D) Manufacuring Facility / Machines Maker and Supplier
Coil Winding Machine
Automatic Under-Cut & Chamfering Machine
Drying Furnace
Heat Press Stollberg(Germany)
VPI Impreganation System Von Rol Mayer (Austria)
Tricle Insulation Machine Mazzali (Italy)
Taping Machine DERFIFrance)

I Rotating Machinery E) Others Maker and Suppier
Impregnation Rope/Various wires and ropes
Cargo Handling Devices
KarlStahl (Germany)
Heavy Duty Cargo Transportion Roller Hilman Inc.(USA)
Commutator Karkwood(France)