Sanyu Trading Corporation
Makers and Suppliers we are representing in Japan

II@@For Transformers --- Insulation Materials and Components

II Transformers @
A) Insulation Materials
Makers and Suppliers

Laminated Wood (Plate, Ring, Bolts & Nuts)
Schmeing (Germany)
Pressboard EHV@Weidmann(USA)
Insulation Paper (Kraft Paper)
Termally Upgraded Paper (Diamond dotted patern Paper)
Extensible Paper, Crepe Paper
Whiteley (UK)
Insulation Sleeves Rhenatech (Germany)
Crepe Paper CINDUS (usa)
WAG (Switzerland)
Composite Laminate Film COVEME (Italy)
WAG (Switzerland)
Krempel (Germany)
Composite Laminated Plastics with Glass/Paper etc. FILP (Italy)
WAG (Switzerland)
IZO-ERG (Poland)
Krempel (Germany)
Carobn Paper, and other insulation papers Kemmerer(Germany)
Polyester Film Garware(India)
PTFE products, Seal Tape Plastic Omnium 3P
Composite Insulation Tapes
(Nomex+Polyester etc.)
Duct Strips etc. EHV-WAG (USA)
Liberty (USA)
Krempel (Germany)
Insulation Pipe, small diameter FILP (Italy)
Ribbon, Cord HILMO (Germany)

II Transoformer @Bj Components Maker and Supplier
Bushing, Insulator A.I.T.P. (India)
Elmek (Turkey)
CED (Italy)
Heat Exchanger, Air Cooler, Water Cooler, Oil Pump Kelvion (Germany, China)
Transormer Cooling Fan and Controller Krenz-Vent (USA)
Condenser Bushing SSB Industry (India)
Tap Changers
Off Load Tap, On Load Tap
Shanhai Faming (China)
Electro Marolly (Italy)
Elmec (Turkey)
Pressure Relief Devices, Themometers, Flow meters etc. Qualitrol (USA)
Oil level gauge Sukrut (India)
Thermometer, Dial Indicator QRTO (Mexico)
Termann (Italy)
Buchholtz Relay, Silicagel Air Breather Termann (Italy)
CED (Italy)
Elmek (Turkey)
Safety Valve Termann (Italy)
CED (Italy)
Elmek (Turkey)
QRTO (Mexico)
Conservator, Air Cell, Gauges WSI (USA)
PRONAL (France)
Impact Recorder Chats Worth (USA)
Transormer Protection System
(Gas detection, Pressure, Temperature Indication)
Automation 2000 (France)
Radiator P.E. Engineer (India)
Continuously Transposed Conductors ASTA (Austria)
Lackdraht (Germany)
Invex (Italy)

II Transformer@Cj Material Maker and Supplier
Aluminium/Copper Foil Griset (France)
Copper and Aluminium composite plate VSW Hetzel (Germany)
Core Steel EES (UK)
ENPAY (Turkey)

II Transformer D) Shaped Product Maker and Supplier
Extruded Product iDog Born etc.j Liverty Polyglass Inc.(USA)
Extruded Product iOperation Rod etcj SSB Industry (India)

II Transformer @@E) Wires and Cables Maker and Supplier
DGC Round / Flat Wire
Kapton Cable etc.
Gabauer Griller (Austria)
Cable and Wire Asta (Austria)
Insulation Paper for Cable, wide width Tervakoski (Finland)

II Transformer @F) Machinery /Facility Maker and Supplier
Automatic Core Cutting Machines K.S.P. (USA)
Transormer Coil Winding Frame Terner (Switzerland)
Heavy Duty Transportation Roller Hilman (USA)
Taping Machine Derfil (France)
Icone (France)
Coil Winding Machine M.Tannerg (Switzerland)
Stollber (Germany)
Icone (France)
Erora (Canada)
Drying Furnace Mosgoller (Austria)
Oil Impregnation Facility Maxei (France)

II Transformer G) Oil / Resin Maker and Supplier
Insulation Oil Technol (Austria)
Varnish Rembrandtin (Austria)
Compound Rhenatech (Germany)